Binaural Beats


Binaural beats affect our brain waves directly and what they do is create two separate frequency waves in each ear individually, the brain then reacts to this and creates it’s own, the ear can not hear it, but the brain knows it there. The only way to get the effect is to wear headphones when using binuaral beats.  My husband being a musician we have loads of headphones and I enjoy the one that blocks out all sounds, literally, they work great.

There is a shift in consciousness when you reach a certain frequency within the alpha and theta state in meditation, with the use of these beats, it can happen much quicker.

You can download a wide range of different binuaral beats at the Unexplainable Store online. they are very cheap and some are free.  You can download some for astral projection, esp, lucid dreaming, etc.

You can get into a very deep trance like state quicker then normal while listening to these beats.  I have heard angels telepathically speaking to me and letting me know that I am never alone, that they are always with me.

Before I began this meditation that day I was asking for reassurance form the angels and wanted to connect with them.  I was in such a deep trance, and I heard a few voices, not just one, at a time speaking to me.  It lasted for about for a minute and it was beautiful.

This also helps to clear your mind and keep those thoughts away that you don’t need around while doing meditation.

There are a lot to chose from and all have a story behind them.  The website is interesting and fun to search.

If you try this please let me know how you did and if you did happen to experience anything.


While meditating you can connect with spirit in a similar way through your dreams.  When I began the 21 day meditation I would use the headphones and began to train my brain to have fewer thoughts, to be in the moment.

David G is a wonderful guided meditation facilitator.  His voice is very soothing and he works with you at whichever level you are at,  he understands that it takes time to get to where you need to be and his meditations help you get there, there is no doubt about that.

While I was practicing the daily meditations I would reach the theta state in my brain, where I was in a trance like state, that is where you can at times receive spiritual insight.

I think I was on the 15th day or so, it was at the point where it became so easy to drift and get into that theta state without problem.

I remember having no thoughts and staring up and in towards the brow (the third eye) which you should try to concentrate on while meditating, unless there is a specific technique for what you are practicing on.  When you look up and in towards your brow there are 2 things that are significant:

1. You can concentrate on something and it will make it easier to train your mind to where you can have no thoughts. When focusing on something you more apt to not think so much. your concern goes to what you are concentrating on. Just the same when you are concentrating on your breathing.

2. It will help to open that chakra which is your 6th chakra and the term in yoga is your ajna chakra. When your third eye is open you become more aware and insightful and have a better knowing and control over your own destiny.

During the meditation that I fell into the theta state, I began to see the shape of a face coming toward me. It was  moving very slow and crept up to my awareness.  As it became closer it was a face of a dark-skinned man and he was  smiling. Well dummy me I became a little frantic and opened my eyes quickly, now why I did that I don’t know, and really wish I hadn’t.

I wasn’t even thinking about spirit at that moment, not before the mediation or anytime that day.  So it was very interesting  how my spirit guide was trying to get my attention at that moment, and felt  free enough to appear because of the state I was in.

When I finally channeled my sprit guide Bill, many months later, I was told that it was indeed him trying to get my attention and letting me know that he was with me.

Amazing things can happen if you just let them, I have learned to really become grounded and to trust more in things that I may not be aware of.

Blissful Moments

Lately I have been feeling an amazing connection to the earth.  I feel one with every living creature and nature itself. The feeling is just blissful energy that runs through my whole body, a feeling like each molecule in my body is going to explode with sich bliss that I want to capture the moment and never let it pass.   It sometimes makes me cry tears of such joy and happiness, it is so strong.  I have never felt anything so beautiful and uplifting in my life.

I think it all started after that bad storm the northeast got back in October. Being without lights for a week should have made me crazy but instead just the opposite happened, I almost wasn’t effected by it.  I mean don’t get me wrong I wanted lights, water, heat, etc. but I was able to keep a positive attitude through the entire experience.  I realized how much more there is to everything, how connected we all are to our superb planet Earth.

The trees, plants, animals, grass, etc.  Such a calming moment for me.  We were all in it together and had to pull together to get through it.  I love when we can all connect with each other, when ever the holidays arrive, we are all happy, for the most part, we put up our lights and decorations, and are all a bit more friendly. If only every day could be that way, the world would be a much nicer and cozier place.

I began my spiritual journey a few years ago, but last year is it when it really began to take off.  I wanted and needed information, I wanted so badly to learn as much as I could and still do.  I read everyday, I have books piled up and waiting.  I sometimes can be a bit to in the moment, and I really have to learn how to balance it all.  That can be hard at times, and that is when I start to feel lost, like I am losing my feeling for the spiritual aspect of it, but that is silly and I know I have to tell my ego to take a back seat when those thoughts start to flourish.

Meditation is also a huge part of my life, I do it daily.  It wasn’t always that way though.  I enjoy practicing Kundalini Yoga and never really tried the mediations much until about 2 years ago.

I received an email about 2 years ago, I was going through a lot at that point. Wasn’t sure what direction my life was going work wise and I needed answers. So when I got this email about a 21 day meditation challenge with David G, something just clicked and I felt like it was sent at the perfect moment in my life.  So I downloaded it and that changed everything for me, it was the beginning of  a wonderful experience that I still look forward to.

I enjoyed this series so much, I couldn’t believe how much I liked meditating and how I couldn’t wait to get home to do it, and how easy it was for me to actually focus. It all happened at the perfect time, strange how things fall into place. I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason and there are no coincidences in life.

About 2 months later I bought the meditation DVD that Ravi and Anna put out, (they are the couple that puts out the Kundalini Yoga DVD’ s that I practice). It was amazing, so many meditations to choose from, at first I would only do the 5 minute ones then the 15 and up, now I am at 30 minutes and sometimes an hour, it all depends.

I will get more into detail about my experiences while meditating in another blog.

My mind is so clear and I have very little thoughts if not any most of the time, I know how crazy that sounds, but it’s true.  When you practice meditation on a daily basis it will work for you as well.